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Environmental Stewardship Mission


Greene County Fertilizer Company is dedicated to the faithful stewardship of the environment. Our pledge is to nurture the soil and promote healthy productive plant life of residential lawns, home gardens, professional turf grasses, and agricultural crops.

To achieve this mission, we are committed to utilizing high quality bio-based materials, state-of-the-art technology. Our objective is to draw upon the collective wisdom of both traditional and contemporary fertility practices to provide consistent results and facilitate profitable growing operations while preserving and protecting the soil on which our future depends.

Water is one of our nation’s most valuable resources. We place a specific emphasis on water quality and reducing the amount of non-source point pollution in water bodies that is attributable to fertilization. The use of our soil amending fertilizers reduces Nitrogen (N) inputs by 50% and Phosphorous (P) inputs by 100%. This reduces annual nutrient inputs of N by 70 to 80 pounds per acre and inputs of P by 35 to 85 pounds per acre.

By amending the soil and building natural fertility, the soil’s water infiltration, percolation, and holding capacity is improved. The result is more plant available water and a significant reduction of storm-water runoff and a reduced need for irrigation; adding to our positive impact on water quality and conservation.


Greene County Fertilizer Company’s bio-based fertilizers and specialty products are blended to feed plants, improve soil fertility and build topsoil and are made in their 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant/corporate headquarters in Greensboro, Georgia.

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