At Greene County Fertilizer Company, we believe that increased soil fertility and plant health result in better crops. We developed complete and simple to use fertilizer products for commercial agricultural use. The N-Ext™ brand of products contain a complete nutritional package which facilitates strong plant growth and increased root mass and depth. This allows the natural interaction of the plant and soil environment to flourish, maximizing plant available nutrients.

The Greene County Fertilizer Company patent-pending formulas are a mix of liquid fertilizer, plant nutrients and soil amendments; blended for agricultural crops. They have proven to be effective on all grain, forage, produce, in vineyard and orchard crops. Our users have also reported a reduced need for applications of lime, increased soil fertility, increased yields and improved nutritional values at harvest.

Greene County Fertilizer Company products are engineered for uniform seed germination, to drive down deeper roots, and to create an easy form of application for all forms of agricultural applicators.

We believe that if we take care of the plants and soil, they will take care of us. By using our high-performance products, you are contributing to the health and well-being of America’s food chain. Our products are engineered to produce outstanding results from planting time to harvest time.

Greene County Fertilizer Company

Made in the USA   MFR: Greensboro, GA

Greene County Fertilizer Company is a manufacturer and supplier of soil amending fertilizers for liquid lawn care, garden, turf care and agricultural products, specialty fertility products, humic acid, private label fertilizer products, custom blends, bio-based fertilizers, made in the USA.

Distributor of Lawn and Ornamental pest control products.